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Experience Travel and Living Pvt. Ltd. is an ecological trekking organization designed to improve, protect and preserve the environment of the Himalayan mountain rangers. An organization for the 21st century, we are leaders in the organization of ecological mountain treks.

We are an established India owned adventure travel agency operating since the end of 1978, aiming at satisfying our clients’ needs in the best way possible. Despite our short lifetime, our team has a long experience throughout the Indian Himalayas, especially in trekking and all types of adventure trips in the area. Experience Travel and Living Pvt. Ltd. has been created in the will to offer an improved and differentiated service to all tourists arriving in India. We take maximum care of the quality of our services, giving a personal treatment to all our clients, trying to find the optimized solution for their needs and ensuring their total satisfaction by the end of our job through constant tourist reports, which help us to keep improving day by day. We also aim at innovating, through offering new and less known routes and programs of spectacular beauty and very little tourist affluence, for those in search of something different. Our experience, together with our passion for traveling, adventure, nature and cultural exchanges is what has characterized our service from the beginning and what has made us different from the rest. When attending your requests, be it a group service or a customized itinerary, we are taking into account all your needs to develop a proposal that tries to better match your style and interests. This is the only way your visit to India will become the once-in-a-lifetime experience you expect it to be.

Our Team:
The Experience Travel and Living Pvt. Ltd. team is composed of some of the best official professional guides in the region. They are all English speaking, having years of experience and excellent tourist reports, as well as a deep knowledge of the local history and traditions, and being also specialists in the flora and fauna of the region. Our guides, together with our team of cooks, porters and horsemen, will be the key to make your trip an unforgettable experience. The Himalayas is home to most of our team and they wish to share its natural beauty and culture with trekkers and other guests. We are striving to instill respect to these sacred mountain ranges, while helping to preserve their historic surroundings, people and culture

Our Guides:
We are fully conscious that an excellent guide is key to make your trip an unforgettable experience, which is why we are more demanding with our staff than any tourist could be. Our team is composed of some of the best guides in the region. The superiority of our team is backed by years of experience. All our guides are fluent in English, but we also have guides proficient in French, German and local dialects.

Our Cooks:
The cooks are responsible for ensuring high quality meals on time and managing the team of porters. An adequate diet both in its quality and quantity is essential in high-energy consuming trips such as the adventure programs we run. Experience Travel and Living Pvt. Ltd. is known already for its renowned and outstanding menus and food quality. The secret lies in the careful selection of our team of cooks, whose top-quality restaurant background provides an unequalled touch to all our meals. We do not have set menus since our cooks are essentially creative people who try to innovate and surprise our clients through delicious dishes in every trip. Additionally, the cook manages the team of porters and / or horsemen. Every person has a role in the team and is very aware of its responsibility, and only an excellent logistic will allow an outstanding trip.

Our Porters and Horsemen:
Porters and horsemen are an essential element in any trek organization. The mules carry all the collective equipment, some depart early before the group to make sure we get a good location in the campsite and to have everything ready and set by the time you get to the lunch spot or campsite. Experience Travel and Living Pvt. Ltd. is one of the very few agencies providing one of the best treatments to its field staff. Our field staffs are not just numbers; they are our friends. We provide our team with excellent meals along the route, a convenient accommodation, and most importantly, with a never delayed high wage that we believe they totally deserve. That is why you will be able to perceive the difference between our team and others: our people are happy, enthusiastic, extremely helpful and simply exceptional. They are proud of working for Experience Travel and Living Pvt. Ltd. and of their absolutely outstanding working performance. And we are also very proud of having them with us.

Our Transportation Service:
All the buses, vans and cars used in our services are fully reliable and comply with Indian safety and insurance regulations. The transportation service assigned to each trip is adapted to the route and the group size. The vehicles used range from plush sedan’s, 4WD Jeeps, small vans and 2x2 luxury coaches.

Our Office Staff:
Our Main office is in New Delhi, with field offices dotted in the Himalayas as well. Please feel at home when you visit us. Our office staff will be willing to provide you with all information and help you may need.

Why Experience Travel and Living Pvt. Ltd. are different:
Experience Travel and Living Pvt. Ltd. are among the first trekking companies to design treks in the Himalayas where all refuse resulting from trekking is ecologically disposed of or pact-returned to centers where it can be properly dealt with. Biodegradable rubbish is burned to facilitate quick disintegration. Plastics and other synthetic materials will be returned to base for recycling. We request each trekker to ensure that this practice is strictly observed.

Walk in the Spirit :
We invite open-minded and perceptive people to feel the nature within whilst trekking from lush tropical forests to the arid high plateaus. Rise above the earthly pleasures and perceive the beauty of nature whilst trekking past steep monastic walls, across high passes and into thin air. Experience the openness and connection between man and nature, which is only available in the lofty heights of the Himalayans.

Experience Travel and Living Pvt. Ltd. Guarantee:
Experience Travel and Living Pvt. Ltd. guarantees to provide our customers with a successful and adventurous journey. If you are unsatisfied with any element that is within our control, let us know and we'll do everything possible to make it right for you.

Experience Travel and Living Pvt. Ltd.
is an adventure travel company with a real difference. We cater for all ages and any group size, ranging from family trekking holidays to school educational trips. We can tailor make your holiday and can take care of everything for you. You can be assured of an upgraded service with the utmost attention to detail.
A step above from a normal adventure holiday.
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